The time for giving is now

I want you to buy one or more of my Sleep Angels. These are small soft dolls I make, with a sprinkling of sweet-smelling lavender flowers from France. They are for your or your child’s bed. The scent of lavender makes for better sleeping.

You need to pay P650. But instead of giving me the money, I want you to send the cash to an established and reputable organization working to send relief goods and services to the areas affected by typhoon Yolanda (international name, Haiyan).  Myrza Sison gave me this link that can help you choose. You’re not limited to these organizations though; send the money to the outfit you feel will best serve the people affected.

The damage is terrible. Many people dead, and most of those left behind in need of food, shelter, and medicine. They need your help.

Send me the legible receipt, deposit slip, or any proof of your donation, as well as your address. E-mail that to, and I will send you your angel. For being one yourself, you know.

P.S. My Sleep Angels are going fast! Thats means you are wonderful for helping out in the Haiyan relief efforts, but also given that my husband and I are just a two-man show and each Angel is made by me in my workshop with assistance from Weng, who helps me with the stuffing, I have to limit the number of Angels given out to three per mailing address. I hope you all understand.

The good news is, in your packets you may also get lavender room sprays formulated by Fiona Fajardo-Hernandez, and origami creations by Andrew and Betsy Aytin. These three are artists whose works I carry at the La Pomme shop, and who immediately volunteered to donate their own creations to this project.

P.S. A hundred Sleep Angels promised and being made. Whew! I’m closing this offer now, and moving on to other ways of helping.

Thank you, all!

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4 Responses to The time for giving is now

  1. Patricia Torres says:

    Apol, was planning on donating 10 sacks of rice, will that count? I love this idea!! xo Richie

    • Apol says:

      Hello, Richie! Thank you for this. We’ve been thinking: The Sleep Angels are to encourage cash donations, but we will send you a mixed package of things made by me and the artists I work with: 6 sleep angels, 10 lavender room sprays from Fiona Fajardo Hernadez, and gorgeous origami mobiles by Andrew Aytin. Can you please e-mail me your address?

  2. Lynn says:

    I’m spreading the word. Bless your soul. :)

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